How to personalize your wedding day.

Personalize with a color theme

Color themes are big nowadays with couples ready to spend an arm on some unique and exciting colors. They come from the couple’s inspiration and revolves around the whole design and décor of the wedding.  Color theme can also be neutral, fun and chic depending on how the couple would like to go with them. Show your personality when choosing wedding decors. If you are a fashion savvy bride, going with trend setting center pieces, colors that complement you and your man’s outfit all play a role in color theme. Add your favourite flowers that work well with the colors to make the décor interesting. This reflects on designing the wedding invitations, welcome signs and other stationaries including the menu cards. These menu cards  can also be simple in design and a great way of getting guests to their table.

Plan an extra-ordinary bridal entry!

It is very exciting to see new ideas when it comes to bridal entry.  Bridal entry when planned according to the same color palette the wedding décor is also convey a fun filled message. Most brides choose songs and dance to it with her party. Creativity is the key here to make the idea more unique and interesting with spontaneous fireworks, floral umbrellas and bride’s arriving in vintage cars, Bridal entries really speaks about the person.

Include meaningful details

  Hosting weddings at special places are some couple’s way to personalizing the event. Wedding place setting can add a real personal feel.  The chosen wedding venue or hotel might be the place they first met, or where they got engaged or had their first date. Adding a brooch bouquet to your wedding is a style statement. Some brides who have their beloved grandparents passed away add a picture of them in their wedding bouquet as a token of love. You may use this bouquet as your wedding memory and can easily preserve them. Some brides embroider their parents name onto their wedding gown.

Write your own Vows

To say things that mean much to you about each other before your family and friends can get your nerves. Vows can be emotional, for you, for your significant other, and all who are present and know your story. Writing your vows adds much meaning to the event, where you can start with speaking about how you met, add some humour, and finish with promises to your partner.

Transport your guests back in time

A best way to personalize your wedding is to involve the guests in the party. and Use your old school photos, first day to school and first picture together. This will engage your guests as they are at your wedding for you. Sharing memories with them is a great way to communicate how thankful you are as a couple to have them for your day.

Thank guests your way

Use old videos of fun times together, or things that totally went wrong that people can watch and have a good laugh on- At the end what matters is you had a memorable day and all your guests had some great memories made with you. And your special one. Personalized gifts and wedding favors speak a way to the heart of your guests.

Include your pets

Including your furry friend is the best way to show you care-to all. You may ask your sister or her team to look after her after the ceremony. Getting tux tailored for them is a great idea.

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