11 Tips to prepare before your outdoor film & photography session.

1.Weather check and prepare accordingly

Be realistic about the weather. If it’s going to be cold outside, layering is a good option with mitts and hand/toe warmers. The troubles you may have with climate will never translate to a happy face. A blanket wrapped across the couple can add to the spice of the session as well! For rains, a rain jacket, umbrellas, and rain boots can go a long way.

2. Location, date and time confirmation

Communicate with your photographer/ film team about the location you have planned to do the session. Depending on your photographer/ film team, some choose a single location and others use multiple outdoor locations. it all depends on the contend they plan to create for you, and of course it relates on the amount you spend as well.

3. Co-ordinate with your hair and makeup artists

Some shoots require you to rise early and allocate your time for hair and makeup. so all this before you start your car means you may have to wake up in the early mornings. So plan and communicate ahead and make arrangements for the team to make sure you are all set. Mostly photographers and film team let you know the time they expect you to be on location.  Planning ahead to allocate time for hair and makeup should not make you tired when actual shoot begins.

4. Make sure you are all perfect for the pictures

The photography and film taken during an outdoor session is a part of you. Try to give it your best. Attention to detail when it comes to grooming, doing your nails and removing that unwanted hairs can all work magic.

5. Outfit and accessories planning

Always discuss your outfit options with your photographer. We recommend two different outfit styles for the couples for a single outdoor session. A dreamy wandering gown that glides through is the best woman for the outdoors. A tailored suit complements the look of the man. That being said, denim with some sweaters also can-do wonders, if styled to its potential. When it comes to seasonal outfits during winter, layering is a good option. Color coordinating winter accessories with the tie of your man’s can make you guys look put together well!

6. Prepare your bag 

Do yourself a favour and throw in all those outdoor essentials to keep you equipped for the shoot. Insect sprays are a must for outdoor sessions. Lint rollers can be handy when you wear a furry outfit and leaning on to your man! Adding deodorant to your essential bag is always a good idea 🙂

7. Share your playlist with your photographer/ film team 

Outdoor sessions can be fun and intimate. Some of our clients love the idea of their favourite song in the background during the shoot. it literally takes you back to good old memories! Of times you met or times you treasure with each other. It gets you in the mood! Have fun and a great intimate session with your loved one.  Turn it into something worth remembering, dancing to the tunes and thank us later 🙂You can also prepare a speech for your loved one and we would love to record it for you. This can make the moments very special.!

8. Sleep well

A good night’s sleep can save you from those baggy eyes and keep you energetic and active the next day. Sleep elevates your mood. What not, it is essential to stay content in order to get your best pictures.

9.Carry your Hiking shoes

Keeping your comfortable pair of sneakers or hiking shoes in your car can be helpful. Not all locations are close to the parking lot where you can walk in your heels. To capture that scenic picture, we had to walk the trail for miles, and changing your footwear is going to be helpful.

10.Hydrate constantly and carry some energy bar

This is something that most couples forget. They will carry the touchups in a bag, but not water and/or a chocolate bar. If you are worried about facing cameras, having chocolate a while ago can keep that nerves off and keep you settled

11.Reach the location at least 20 min. before the time.

Usually, photographers schedule according to factors such as how bright the sun’s light is. We prefer the golden hour or The Blue hour. At these specific times, the sun has only a none to minimum glare on to your face. Plan ahead and reach the locations accordingly.

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